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24 July 2024
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Hotel City Star's Restaurant

Get the surety and satisfaction to experience the finest epicurean finesse and delicacy our Hotel City Star restaurant has to offer. The very interesting thing about our restaurant is the menu, which includes a wider variety of zesty entrees, desserts and dishes that will make your dining experience memorable for sure. Our professional chefs excel in the art of gastronomy from all over the world. The menu is extensively varied and is designed to cater your different epicurean needs. To be precise, it features not only Indian but also Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Italian, Cantonese and various other international dishes, which stand out in terms of taste and quality. And since we are one of the leading budget hotels in Delhi, the restaurant dining cost is quite budget friendly.

Incidentally, our restaurant, since being Indian, presents the widest array of most popular Indian cuisines. Moreover, every dish whether it is succulent kebabs, meat curries or some amazing Punjabi or South Indian preparations you want to feast on is enriched with spices and exudes aroma, which are sure to make your mouth water instantly! Once your dinner is over, you will find some very sumptuous desserts being served across the table.

The array of our services does not come to an end here; we also offer a well-organized, competent in room service, which lets some guests to enjoy all their favorite cuisines in the full comfort and luxury of your room. This also ensures our heartwarming hospitality towards our guests who feel delighted to avail such service. So whether you want to have breakfast in bed, lunch or dinner, we at Hotel City Star offers a second-to-none 24-hour, personal in room facility for you.

So when you are in Delhi and looking for hotels near Delhi Airport, be sure to come to our hotel to explore the most sumptuous and amazing dining excellence.


Hotel City Star